Research Grants

1. Biotechnology Research Center (BRC), University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. As PI. Year: 2013-2014. Project Title: Structure-Based Drug Design & Lead Validation Against Streptococcus mutans Cell Surface Protein SepM. Summary: In this study it is hypothesized that cell surface protease SMU_518 can be targeted with new drug molecules which might allow the inhibition of mutacin production that reduce the pathogenic characteristic of the bacteria leaving no potential adverse side effect. Main Aim is to identify new lead molecules using CADD/vHTS to target S. mutans cell surface protease SMU_518 (SepM).

2. E-Dissemination of Bioinformatics knowledge for adaptation of computer tools/software/techniques to address biological problems in agriculture, health and pharmaceutics (Tracking ID: 201502001317). 30-6-2015 to 31-5-2017. Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Government of Bangladesh. As Co-PI. Summary: Develop first online training course on Bioinformatics for the cBLAST center of the University of Dhaka.

3. The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) Research Grants Programme. As PI. Title: Establishing the link between RB-dependent KDM5A targets and mitochondrial function in DLBCL – a way to find epigenetic therapy for better treatment. Duration: 18 months (1/1/2016 -30/06/2017). Summary: Main propose is to functionally define the pRB role in regulation of genes involved in mitochondrial metabolism in DLBCL cancer. We will use ChIP-seq analysis as a strategy to identify gene targets of pRB and KDM5A in a sample from OxPhos-DLBCL tumor, and integrate these data with my previously acquired data from computational and functional studies in cancer models. The results of this study will test the use of KDM5A inhibition in OxPhos-DLBCL, thus creating opportunities for a more successful therapy.

4. Academic Innovation Fund (Window 4) of the Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP), University Grants Commission of Bangladesh. 2016-2018. USD 1 million. Funded by World Bank. As member of the team (PI: Professor Dr. Sharif Akhteruzzaman). “Innovative approaches for development of diagnostic methods for detecting inborn errors of metabolism and genetic disorders using high-throughput metabolomic profiling as well as monoclonal antibody-based concept”.

5. “Understanding Transcriptional Regulation Through Driver Gene Determination Approach in Differentially Expressed Genes.” For the year 2015-2016, from Centre for Advanced Studies and Research in Biological Sciences, University of Dhaka. As Principal Investigator.

6. “Elucidation of genome-wide functional relationship between host transcription factors and intronic miRNA and mechanism of these functional regulation by intronic miRNA” for the year 2015-2016, (15/03/2016-14/03/2017) from University of Dhaka, financed by University Grants Commission (UGC). As Principal Investigator.

7. “Detection of mutation and expression signature of marker/disease associated genes in Bangladeshi cervical carcinoma patients and its correlation with cancer aggressiveness” for the year 2015-2016 (23/03/2016-12/03/2017) from University Grants Commission (UGC). As Principal Investigator.

8. “Detection of mutations and marker gene expression in patients with cervical carcinoma for early diagnosis and treatment strategies” from Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of Bangladesh, special allocation grant (Ref No.: 39.00.0000. SL. No. 254, Gr. No. 62 MEDI’s). 2016-2017. As Principal Investigator.

9. “Decoding the functional role of long Intergenic Non-coding RNAs (lincRNAs) from differentiation to cancer gene modulation”. Biotechnology Research Center, University of Dhaka. (2016-2017). Principal Investigator.

10. “An Integrated Approach to Identify Novel Driver Genes and Their Regulatory Mechanisms in Osteoarthritis”. University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (UGC). 2017-2018.

11. Informatics approach to design & model Epitope-based Vaccine against Zika virus E-protein. Center Advanced Studies and Research in Biological Sciences, DU. (2017-2018). Principal Investigator.